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Squires Kitchen Expo 2018

A weekend filled with cakes, demo's, shopping, meeting friends and idols..... a cake maker's dream to be honest! Whats-more, I was invited to exhibit my own cakes alongside some of the country's finest.

Once the shock and excitement of being invited had subsided, reality set in, along with fear, joy, nerves, and some more fear! How do you design cakes to please Cake Designers.....?

With no brief, no colour scheme to follow, the decision making process was all down to me! I found inspiration in floral designs, home decor, and wedding trends that appeal to me, colours that I enjoy the most. It was wonderful to be as creative and step away from white icing, showing that palest grey's can be so much warmer and not as scary as they sound!

The show is a must for any aspiring Cake Designer's, seeing sugar-work with your own eyes is completely different to a photograph. You can't appreciate size and proportion in a photograph, nor the intricate detail which becomes hidden.

Having the opportunity to speak to other Cake Designer's about techniques, preferred products was invaluable. Cake design can be a lonely occupation, sometimes you need to bounce ideas around, or come up with quicker processes.

With so many amazing talent's in the wedding Cake Showroom it was hard to pick favourites, I am always blown away by Scrumdiddly (Michelle Walker), her sugarwork is so very delicate and full of hidden detail. Emily Hankins hand-painted cakes are truly jaw-dropping. I finally met my cake buddy Emma Woods from Fancie Buns, we have been friends online for years and chat most days so it was wonderful to meet her in person! I also met Christine Jenson from Peboryon, you may know her better from the TV show Extreme Cake Makers! I watched a live demo by Alan Dunn, who is the king of sugarflowers! His skill is not even next level, more like next dimension.

So all together I had a fantastic weekend at the Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2018, I cannot thank Squire's enough for inviting me to exhibit!

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