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Blogging my way into 2018

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

Well, this is new! Having reflected on my past year, and set myself some new goals, I decided to use a blog as a valuable resource for new couples, a place to offer ideas, share relevant intel on the world of weddings and of course cakes! I hope that over the coming months I will create new posts on current trends, display ideas, themed weddings, and more!

In this, my first blog, I’ll aim to let you know what I can offer you, why you should entrust me with creating your wedding cake, and what you can expect the process to look and feel like as somewhat of an introduction.

Design consultation

The internet is an abundance of wedding cake images and ideas, in fact it’s mind boggling what can be achieved using sugar, but my job is to guide you through the many effects, sizes, colours and flavours until we reach the perfect cake to compliment your wedding. I’ll use information and images that you bring to your design consultation to filter down the options and design a truly bespoke wedding cake that reflects your wedding day visions. If you can trust me a little to pull together the key elements from your wedding day, such as colour scheme, flowers, dresses, I can create a true centre piece for your day!

Following your design consultation I will create a moodboard together with sketch(es) of your designs and you’ll be able to make any amendments and suggestions before confirming that you’d simply love to save the date and book your wedding cake with me!


I think we all know that having cake, and eating it too, would be a win win situation? You will be invited to a private cake tasting session where we will drink tea (with a raised pinky) and sample each flavour from the menu! We can also finalise any outstanding details if necessary! You’ll already know that you may order a different flavour for each tier of your cake, so the second hardest decision after which flavours you’d like, would be deciding which tier to put them all in!

Delicious Cookies

Cookies were by name, my first love, I’ve made thousands upon thousands, these sugary little babies have won me a Gold

Award at Cake International and I'm very proud of my signature favours which have proven to be a timeless addition to many peoples weddings! Aunt Sally won't throw them to the back of her cupboard and your Dad's mate Dave (who somehow got his hands on an invitation) wont leave them behind on the table!

My cookies are bespoke, can be made in any shape, size and colour, you can personalise them with your names or initials, add a special message or use your guests names to double them up as place settings!

In fact I love cookies so much, I might give them their own blog!

So to conclude (for the time being), I hope this blog becomes useful, or of some slight interest, or maybe just helps you pass the time whilst you wait for the 7.58am to Liverpool st this morning! To discuss designing your dream wedding cake, contact me today.

Love Amy x

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